Planing huge adventure map! (Come with suggestions)!

I just have started on my bigggest map project ever, i plan to release it when GMOD10 comes out. <-- (Obviously that wasn’t possible)

The idea is a world that fills the entire hammer editor, it will have a lot of stuff to visit (imagine the Zelda games without loading).
I would be thankfull if anyone want to come with some great suggestion to what i can add into this map.

The method i have chosen to do is to draw a 4096x4096 texture (and adding detail shader) that i will expand over the entire editor on a terrain surface and form it, the same method used in games with huge terrain like Planetside, World of Warcraft etc.

Here is a simple sketch i have made, so you have an idea how it might look.

The green dots are trees. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember this drawing is not how the actual thing will look like, so come with suggestions!

New video! 05/13/2007


Screenshots of approximatly where the map is in progress right now:

earlier pic of full map.

This photo was taken today.

Tha’s a damn nice concept sketch.

Also your idea of going about it is also cool.

You might find dispgen useful if you have photoshop because the terrain will be bloody hard otherwise.


Maybe you could add an antlion area in the desert, with a base or something in the middle where you can hide out of the way of the antlions.

That would be INSANE! Reminds me of zelda.
But won’t it be too big for the engine?
Whats the black area?

Well, really, only high-end computers would be able to run this map when finished. Having a huge map full of details, NPCs, and a LOT of other things really can lag someone up. Good idea, though.

Yeah but then you would have the feeling you done it yourself and it would be a kind of cheating? :v:

that would be kickass :smiley:

There’s a difference between doing it the easy way because you’re lazy and doing it the easy way because the hammer displacement tools are fucking awful.



Make sure to include physics puzzles, like seen in HL2. That’s a thing source is definitely great at (if you do it properly :v:).

I have planned how to work out the construction of the map, i know how to keep it at a good preformance level with a lot of detail, terrain itslef doesn’t require as much people think. I am also skilled with the way to caulk properly and make stuff without wasting polygons. I have done a lot of experiments with max scale maps and i know this won’t be a massive problem if made properly.

I am very inspired to make it, i have so many ideas!


The black areas are where there is nothing really (beside mountains probaly)

If you fill the entire Hammer grid the game will crash. You can only fill about half of it (i.e. Hugeflatmap).
I recommend you partition the map into areas if you want to be able to run it.

Agreed. But it wouldn’t be too shabby having this kind of map in, say, four segments.

Good idea for a map.

I would worship you (well…) if you actually make the map but how about when you’re compiling it?? That would take AGES!

Not a half, about 6/7.

I’ve tried out before, with a really massive map.

Yes i know, but i don’t worry much about that. I dunno how long it will take to do VVIS but the lighting is no problem as i make costum lightmaps all over the place to save size, and preformance.

Custom lightmaps? :w-hat:?

Don’t you mean… large scale lightmaps?

The game isn’t even close to crashing if you fill 99% of hammer.


Yes, i use it a lot, specialy in just huge plain areas where no shadow actualy hit it.

Oh yeah, also:

If you mean generate the displacements from a large image using only Hammer and a big image, not going to work.

I don’t mean generating, i mean making a huge flat box where i put the texture upon, then seperate it into 16 peices or something and make them all displacements, then shape the terrain as i want. Half-life 2’s max texture size is 4096x4096, that’s the highest the engine supports.

Like this

I have done this before and it works very well. =P

But that means you can’t have water and grass on the same texture. Water is handled as a seperate material property.

Don’t worry about that, if i didn’t knew better i would never start a project like this.