Planned server wipes for the future

So I and some friends were talking about the future of this game and it really made me start to wonder about how this game will deal with power houses within servers. I mean do not get me wrong I am all about the game in its current state and I understand its not suppose to be “fair” but in the same sense after so many months I would have to assume one faction would take over most of the map through growth and domination to the point were others would not even be able to leave their shacks to loot. Even more so these power houses would remain strong and only solidify there strength on the server as they took out their enemies and absorbed that factions resources into their own.

After a while NO ONE would ever have a chance against that group and they would grow strong to the point of controlling the server in every fashion. So I guess my main question is are there any kind of plans to prevent one faction/group of players to control the server indefinitely or will there be some kind of season thing where the server goes for a month or 2 then at the end of the season the winners are announced and the map resets for a new season and a fresh start for all players?

This is purely speculative. Have you ever seen this happen in any survival game, where one group takes over an entire server? People are always splitting into further groups in survival games. At least from my standpoint, I’ve never seen one group taking over an entire server becoming an issue.

IMO, most of the hardcore type gamers that started the factions would leave way before that and start over somewhere else. Eventually if the pvp is too easy they will move on.

Or, The faction will just become the whole, and everyone will join that faction and the pvp would almost cease completely. Hence the game experience going to more pve and all the pvpers would leave.

Lots of things could happen at that point.

While on the subject of Wiping…How often are they and do they wipe EVERYTHING or just buildings/loot and equipment . Leaving learned blueprints learned earlier intact?

This is VERY unlike others survival games of which I have more hours logged in DayZ and WarZ then I know what to do with and anyone that played both the Z’s and this game would totally understand they are very different in the aspect of taking over a map so you cant compare the Z’s with a HUGE map of around 50-100 players to a game with a map a fraction of the size with on peak hours 200 players where you can build bases and store loot that can be stolen by stronger players.

Imagine if people could raid your loot in WarZ and add it to their own… it would be a VERY different game.

The fact of the matter is this game is NOT LIKE other survival games it has many new mechanics not yet seen in other mainstream PvP survival games thus you have to look past OTHER survival games and into the reality of this one. Closing your eyes and hoping that it wont turn out that way does not fix a possible future problem of server domination. I think I am being very logical in looking into a VERY possible future outcome of this game based off its current state.

I don’t think you can -really- count it, but in a game called Darkfall that had open PvP and such, and more or less the same mechanics as a survival game, there was a guild that managed to control the whole map and made the game almost unplayable for everyone else. So its not completely unheard of.

Which clan you’re talking about on DF? Hyperion perhaps?
EDIT: I think Hyperion and frenchies are pretty much the same thing. They come in numbers but in the end only few guys are enough to take on them all.

It’s too early to jump to conclusions here and now. With the small map and restricted resources we have now, yes, there is absolutely a greater potential for being over-powered geographically, but if the map opens up and becomes substantially larger, I think not.

I agree a bigger map or multi servers with cap would solve a lot of this problem.

Once a faction gets into power for too long, just as with all empires, they eventually fall. Eventually the mega faction would stagnate, people would get bored, and folks would create an opposing faction/factions with the remaining members. Maybe things wouldn’t happen exactly like this, but think looking at the history of empires in the real world can help one predict what may happen in such a case.

Of course even with this prediction, it may still take a long time for the group to divide and it would suck in the meantime.

That would be great IF people would still be sticking around to play the game while getting dominated. Look at the number one complaint on these forums “oh I die and get raided all the time I dont stand a chance and when I get a base a big faction just rolls in and takes everything from me”. Now do not get me wrong I am not complaining about these things I understand they are part of the game and I enjoy them or I would not be playing. However you think people are going to stick around and get rolled by one factions ALL the time in HOPES that it falls apart and reforms. The answer to that of course is no… it will die out slowly like ALL games of domination where the devs just LET one faction control everything with out a season or a fresh start every once in a while (not to say that is what is going to happen here which is why I pose the question).

I have always been a person of foresight seeing things that have not yet happened in the future based of current conditions and I can tell you right now if there is not something implemented in the game for fresh starts, seasons or something of the sort one faction WILL rise to power and the game will turn stale and slowly people will lose interest. No one is going to stick around if you take away all their hope (hope being the chance at a fresh start or new season).

True…come to think of it, private and public servers are needed.

Is it just me or is killing fresh spawns with an M4 boring? Also currently for a building to be big enough cover the whole map, it would lag out the game and server. Maybe they will put a limit on how big a single structure can be. This probably sounds stupid to you guys with giant, laggy bases. Just my ideas.