Planning on making a construct map, need some suggestions/help

I am planning on making my first map (Read those two words pl0x) in hammer a Construct map. Since it is my first map i might need some indirect help with it. My questions are:

What size should the map be? I want it to be a decent size but not so big that it takes 5 minutes of noclip-sprinting to get to the other side

What textures should be used? I need the textures for the concrete spawn, the flatgrass texture, something for the underwater area(s), concrete sides for the underwater area(s), and a sky of some sort, which brings me to my next question:

How do i make the sky not look like crap? Also how much height should the map have?

What I’m planning to do is make a regular flatgrass style construct, with an area with a pool of water (for testing buoyancy etc.) and an equal sized pool of toxic water (dont know what it’ll be useful for but surely it is and its going in there because toxic water is fun) a shallower pool of water for building ships/storing ships, some kind of house/warehouse area for those who are building something that requires a wall or ceiling.

My only suggestion is make something that hasn’t been done before, construct maps are usually disproved because there’s nothing that seperates new ones, from pre-existing ones.

Pretty much this.

Construct maps are :geno:

Heres a suggestion! Make something other than a construct map. We have enough of those here, most of them are complete shit if they haven’t taken at least a week to make.

Construct maps are only fun if its an original concept, like that gm_cartoonstruct or whatever he named it. It had custom textures, great layout, and a cartoon-like feel to it.

Dude it’s his first map, construct maps are a great way to start out mapping as they have no aim or goal.
Don’t publicly release it unless its amazing though. But you can play with it among friends.

Good luck, ask me if you need anything