Planning On Renting A Server But Need Help With Things!

Well I’m planning on renting a server for the Chimera Hunt gamemode but i need some help with a few things!

I live in the UK but I have heard that “Xenon Servers” is a really good host aswell as a cheap one, even though it’s in the USA but then again I want to know if there’s any good British hosts that are the same or better than “Xenon Servers”.

I am also confused as to whether or not “Fast-Download” is “sv_downloadurl” or not.

Also say my server was to crash, how would I make it so that it restarts as soon as it crashes/fails/whatever or does the host provide the Insta-Restarting feature?

Oh and if I were to rent an “Xenon Server” would it allow me to rent one since I’m in the UK?

Thank You :banjo:

It doesn’t matter where you live, their location is deciding where their server is located. That means that U.S. players will receive a lower ping than European players (though the player’s internet counts, to) and the likes. I believe that such webhosts would instantly start the server if it crashes, too. Unless it would be a huge DDoS attempt.

E: If you wan’t a host in the UK or overall Europe, check this out:

KillerCreation - UK (Freaking awesome)
ClanPlanet - UK

Only ones I have experience with

You would put the fastdl URL after “sv_downloadurl”

If you rented slots I think you’d have to contact the host, if you owned a dedi box you’d have RDP

Xenon Servers includes free integrated sv_downloadurl hosting.

You can rent one regardless of where you live.

I know that, I’m just asking because I’d be a little more comfortable with a closer to home host although I’d be even more comfortable with a good one like “Xenon” :v:

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Try joining the test server @ or a few that are hosted by Xenon to see if you have any problems with ping etc…

Seen the list and Xenon is still the best there although one of the UK ones steams pretty good.

Good idea.

I’ll check out those two and you’ve confused me with the following

Also No, I don’t own a dedicated.

sv_downloadurl = “fastdl url here”

I’m sorry but I still don’t get it :downs:



Thanks Ninx :v:

You are welcome :v:

I’ve heard good things about bioservers. Not had any experience with them myself tbh though.

A server I’m admin on which is UK is hosted by UKGames. Who intern get theirs from Open Hosting, which is a company in the UK. are the bomb.

ukgame fucking SUCK

always crashes :bang: is a great host, The guys who own it are real nice and flexible. I have 2 or 3 servers hosted for them and they support almost all games and source mods, They have an easy to use control panel with selection to auto install mods and mount content onto the server. I’ve never had a single problem with anything!

DigitalySane, I defineately think you should check out:

They’re cheap; Fast, Reliable and they’re located in London.