Planning to buy Gmod and i have some questions,

Well, i think i going to buy Counterstrike Source + Garry’s mod 11
Are the Half life 2 props, ragdolls etc. included, or only the games from valve you brought in steam?
Can you join all servers or you cant?

I got only then Counterstrike source and Team Fortress 2.


Please answer…

You get everything from hl2 no matter what. If you have the other source games they will be added. You can join any server if it isn’t locked


I suggest you to buy valve complete pack i bought and all the content packs added to gmod otherwise you will see errors in some servers because some gamemodes need hl2 ep2 or day of defeat source etc.

CSS is the main one you’ll need, with Ep2/Ep1 coming second. A lot of content is added by addons like PHX and Wire, so you’ll be just fine.