Planning to make a Machinima

If you don’t want to read all of that, then heres a simpler text.
I’m making a machinima and I need some help. There.

I’ve been planning (for quite a long time now) to make a machinima about a man who loses all of his belongings, including his family, after a enormous nuclear explosion. He survived because he was the only one to know about a secret part of the sewers that was connected to his house. His journey then starts, and he leaves to live new adventures that he would never of believed he would ever live.

It would be best as a series of episodes, each talking about different areas that he visited.
But of course, I can’t do this alone. I’ll need alot of help for ideas, actors, post-production, etc…
If anyone is interrested, just PM me or comment here. I hope this won’t be a soon abandonned project like my others…

Oh, and this machinima should be called : Nuclear Aftermatch
Unless anyone has got some better ideas…

Btw, my Steam ID is ru1036 or Ph33rSn1p4z (SF) [TWM]… Im not too sure which ones which… :smiley:

If I had a nickle for every Big time plan I saw crash and burn, and every film group I joined and which horribly failed…

What you should do is start some workin and less planin.

I’ve already started working with the map, and preparing stuff, but i just need some people now so that ill slowly get more and more people until im done.

RapistaSanta is 100% correct.

You’ve got the direction, and you’ve got an idea to pitch to those who may potentially join your group, but what you need now is a story board. I can’t stress this enough. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean anything, you need a rough idea of what will happen from start to finish, and this idea needs to be available to all of those within the group. You’re going to need group cheerleaders – by that I mean people who keep in contact with everyone so as to keep the project alive. You’ve also gotta assign specific tasks to people otherwise nothing is going to get done.

If you have these key elements, everything else should fall into place.

Honestly, you should start with an easy machinima that you can complete yourself first, to get the hang over video editing tools and how to record and edit gameplay clips.

Once you are done with that, you can then start with longer videos and maybe have a few people join you.

Pretty soon you’ll have a full group going and can make that dream video, except this time it won’t fail.

^^ what they said ;D

But if this is your first machinima, you should start out smaller, get Wegame recorder or Fraps, Do a Robot chicken style machinima or maybe a funny short, Then move up to the bigger stuff gradually, In my opinion that’s the way it works

I’ve already made one video, but I’ll make a machinima soon. I’m also using Xfire and Sony Vegas to film and edit. (I’ve made a pretty ok video intro.)

Oh, and thanks for the advice too.

not how i started mate. I went straight into music video’s head-on (Apply directly to the forehead)

Lol, Headcrab, apply directly to the forehead!
I just HAD to say that :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah, well good luck with your video. please don’t fail. and don’t say you won’t fail cause everyones says that and they fail in the end.