Plans for a knife?

Okay out of all of the suggestions I have read, I genuiinely think a knife would be a great idea and not super outrageous because everybody has their own opinion of where this game should go.

I haven’t read any plans to add one in, but don’t see why they wouldn’t/shouldn’t.

It could simply be a melee weapon that is a bit more practical than a hatchet (don’t get me wrong I love good hatchet fights) and just how a pick axe harvests rocks more efficiently, a knife would harvest animals more efficiently.

I’d probably still stick with my all-around hatchet/stone hatchet, it’s pretty much the survival tool of choice, even in pop culture.

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Having a knife would be good for the cool factor though.

Knifes would be legit for attacking from behind, like slitting the throat or backstabbing (sorta hard to sneak up on someone with loud elephant footsteps). To counter people just blindly going for this every-time they spawn, implement a few second animation and possibly the person getting attacked would have to be standing still.

Also on a further note maybe a system similar to BF4’s frontal knifing, where the attacke’ could counter the attack if they timed it correctly and turn it on their attacker.

I really like the idea of knifes being more efficient for gathering animals thou!

I really hope you’re joking about Battlefield 4.

Commando pro pls.

THROWING knives would be fun… Maybe. But not a knife knife, that’d be silly. It’d do exactly what the Hatchet does really… Although I like the animal harvesting idea that goes with it… Perhaps it can be made as a tool more than a weapon.

why not just make a knife do more damage then a hatchet or pickaxe to players… even if it’s by like 3-5 damage+

Player damage:
Rock : 10 (half speed as hatchets)
Stone Hatchet : 10 (X2 faster then rock or pickaxe)
Hatchet: 16 (X2 faster then rock or pickaxe)
Pick Axe: 38 (half speed as hatchets)
Knife: 42 damage (x2 faster then rock or pickaxe)
Knife (REAR): 56 damage (bonus for sneaking up on someone) ???

Oh and the backstab animation can be for the rear stab so you know it did that damage.

what if they damages where similar to above with 2 attack speeds that were currently aware of in melee…

yeah I don’t really thiink it needs to be ridiculously better at melee attack than a hatchet. I would honestly rather charge a dude with a hatchet because how hilarious it is in this game. Maybe same damage or a little less (per hit) than a metal hatchet, with a slightly higher attack speed.

I agree though throwing knives would be pretty fun, but if you are able to make a throwing kniife, theorhetically, why can’t you just make a longer blade and wrap some cloth and leather around the handle and have a regular knife?

I want knives and swords to be in game. I would like to see a bit more melee variety, especially for the early game. Throwing knives sounds fun as well. That reminds me of a few Golden Eye fights(and Perfect Dark).

not that i don’t agree with you… Throwing knives would be awesome… but you’ve got your hatchet and knife backwards… the hatchet is more of a “tool” and the knife is more of a weapon… in Real life they have 2 totally different uses… they aren’t the “same thing” … Just clarifying :slight_smile:

You do make a very good point there sir, and in reality they should have their uses swapped - Although I still wouldn’t think smashing an animal to pieces with a hatchet was very appropriate either. Hatchet for wood, Pickaxe for stone, Knife as a melee weapon/skinning tool then?

But then would that over-complicate the game? I mean, do you want to have slots 1-3 filled with one of each item?

Id like to see a skinning knife or something that would excel at harvesting animals. Would do less damage than other weapons against doors and other players though compared to say the hatchet

Yeah I don’t think if they do it should do ANY damage to structures. In real life, I would probably be better off smashing a rock into a door than slashing at it to no avail with a knife.

@wolffire9 and why not have to carry 3 slots for 3 different tasks? I wouldn’t use a chainsaw to mow my lawn, or a weed whacker to prune my bushes lol.

I don’t think that would over complicate it at all. Actually that would add depth to the game. AND to add even more maybe make a sledge hammer or a Hammer for building placement. You need the tool equipped in order to place structure pieces… OR you can have a fireman’s axe type long handled axe to use on wooden doors to break open doors.


Hatchet / wood gathering
pickaxe for ore gathering
knife for skinning and getting food/cloth/leather
hammer for building & Repairing things or structures
Large Axe for knocking down doors…

Each tool has their own uses and you’d only bring with you what you wanted your task to be…

Perhaps you can carve messages into your own door with it? That’d make for fun times…

If they add more slots, sure - But as it is with 6 I find I cannot equip all that I want to. When you got to think about a Gun, medpack, food, rad pills (maybe?), Building objects, torches etc. It get’s a tad bit too much.

I only say it’d overcomplicate the game because of the above limitations… Sometimes you’re going to need most if not all of the tools and weapons when away from your home to get a job done.

i think we need a knife. we should use proper tools for each job, as loominal said, wood=stone/metal hatchet. pickaxe for rocks, and like a metal/stone knife for skinning. would be dope.

well that’s exactly my point. right tool for the job, if I decide I need to make some low grade fuel, or need to get some food, then I can be properly equipped for what I decide I need to do atm.

Seeing as the hotkey slots at the bottom are considered to be a ‘toolbelt’, could we not also implement another belt reserved for things not considered tools? Like 2 weapon slots?

being the most basic bladed weapon/tool, i think the knife should make some sort of appearance. i like the previously suggested idea of hatchet being the tool advantage, and knife being more of an early weapon advantage.

having 6 slots is more than enough honestly. it is way to easy to say “I’m going to hunt some bears because I cleared the rocks out of this area” and press tab and swap your pick axe or hatchet for your knife. You can already carry all the materials for a massive fortress in your iinventory, so it’s a good limiter if you end up getting into a combat situation and only have one stack of medkits on your hotbar, but maybe a few more stacks in your inventory. I mean you don’t put rad pills on your hotbar when you’re harvesting in hacker valley or something, do you?