Plans for a map/coordinate system?

Hey, I was just curious, is there any plans for a map, or coordinate system? Maybe a compass? Because, from my personal experiences, it seems as if it’s very hard to find/group up with friends. Even if no map or anything of the sort, there isn’t that many findable landmarks to be able to meet up at. One that me and my friends commonly use are the bunker, but there aren’t really other ones.

Basically, the question is: Will there be a map, coordinates, or even a compass added into the game?

Theres a map off google images.

Run around for maybe an hour and you [should] know the map by memory.

I know, but in-game, or coordinates would be extremely useful.

maybe a craftable compass?

Yeah, I like that. Maybe, you could use like charcoal+paper to make a map that develops as you travel? That’d be awesome. Like, you use paper to make the map, and if you have charcoal on you while travelling, it’ll add to the map.

Awesome idea, making your own map progressively. So you actually have to discover that area to have it on your map. I salute you sir.

I agree to a craftable map. But hopefully no static minimap like 7DTD has. This would also be realistic and i like the idea that you need to have charcoal in order to “draw the map” :smiley:

This is a very good idea. Maybe once you have the charcoal to “draw the map” you would have to run around the map and it would start drawing it as you uncover some of the land.

Holy shit, man, you’re a genious. This drawing process should drain charcoal, or it doesn’t work. I would finally get rid of all that fucking charcoal! Yes! Supporting this with all my might.

I’ve been coordinating with my friend via the cargo plane. Once we hear it, one of us shouts when it goes over head. Works like a charm. Most of the time.

I think villages should have a name, so its easier to tell your location to your friends

How about being able to write on paper with charcoal? Make player-made maps that way.

Fixed that for you.
I support OP’s idea.

Rust isnt a game where you need to know the whole map, you should just have a slight memory of your surroundings and make a camp. Remembering the whole map means you need to explore it, and thats a high risk.

Yes, it’s a high risk. But which is why the charcoal/paper system should be added.

You have charcoal, and for every chunk of the map that is “drawn” or loaded onto your paper, you lose a piece of charcoal, because you’ve drawn onto your map.

No, it shouldn’t auto-draw for you. This is a survival game, if you’re going to choose to be lazy and not learn your surroundings, then you don’t deserve to have a way of remembering them. If people want to draw dicks instead of make maps or messages, that’s fine.

That’s if you’re lucky enough not to get killed by a hatchet wielding naked madman

I absolutely disagree, it would rob the game of so much atmosphere, it would become just like the others.