Plants Versus Zombies WIP

Picking up an old project I had in mind a while back, and I figured I might be more inclined to finish this if I get some support for it.


Added a tie, buttons, and jacket folds. Belt is done, didn’t bother with a picture.

To do: rework the shoes maybe, rework hands, criticism welcome.

I thought maybe this time around I’d start with one of the more complicated models, so I started on the zombie.

I don’t really think many people will be interested in the first one I made 9 months ago. It’s REALLY basic, and I’m definitely going to redo it, but I wanted to show you what I had in mind.

Sorry for the bad quality, that was done before I knew what the heck I was doing video-wise. Enjoy horrible fps as well as awkward sky shots!

Criticism on the zombie would be greatly appreciated!

Requests for specific flowers or characters are also welcome, although you can imagine this will probably take some time.

Wrong section, man!

Aw, shucks. I’d say it happens to the best of us, but I’m clearly not the best of us.

Technically it’s still a release of that garbage sunflower since the download is in the description, eh?

Regardless that looks pretty fucking good.

It’s got the Devil’s smile.

Ahhhh… Man I was hoping that someone will try to do this… I could try and make the frontyard map but I wish there would be a chance to have those materials from the game.

That would be great! I didn’t really want this to just be another ordinary player model. I guess we’ll just have to see where this goes. I’ve made SNPCs before, so I’m leaning towards that.

Stick the TF2 bucket and cone on it.

nice !!!

All we need now is the plants.

Yeah, sorry progress has been a bit slow on this one. I picked up another project in the request section, but I’ll try to keep work up on the two of 'em.

It’ll probably get a lot faster once I get to the plants considering they’ll be much easier to texture and rig.

Hey man, take your time we ain’t goin’ nowhere.

As long as you take your time and not rush we will have a amazing model.

someone should code new gamemode using these models. Plants Versus Garry

already been done

Hmm, I wonder why that’s not getting more attention. Pretty impressive.

Still, he only has the peashooter and the zombie done, and even then I doubt he’s going to go any further than making those TF2 addons.
I’ll keep right on workin’ on this one. As soon as finals are over…

is it ready to release?

What do you mean? That’s not even mine.

i know but it looks like it’s ready

:frog: please.

you did pretty well on teh model