plants !!!

Usefull plants should a really cool thing, like medicinal plants, dye plants (FLAAAAAAGS), drug plants ? Edible plants, and a lot of others ! Like if you need the magic healing green goo, you will need a shiitake fungi(yes, this exist) and a Hyssop. And to make awesome cereal you will need some corn (DUH!) and milk (COOOOOOOWS). Here is a wikipedia article about useful plants and fungi ! (Also for the plants, you guys should use names easy to remember and and cool colors ?).

They are adding berries, dunno if they will add other usable plants etc but maybe later on down the track.

They should def’ add a ganja plant, grow your own medicine n git high as a kite.

With Blurred vision and unstable steps as notable effects that last up to an hour.

1 word.

hallucinations ;D

I shall craft Mary Jane smoke grenades! Build walls around your doors! And throw the bombs through the bars of your windows… I shall watch you suffer in your hot-boxed house of torment as I ruin your high with scary thoughts and paranoia!