Plasma Studios, the new Garry's Mod Community!

Hello Everyone, you might be wondering what Plasma Studios is, just read through the thread and you will understand.

Contact Details:

E-Mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Steam: PlasmaRocket
X-Fire: PlasmaGamer
Skype: marcus-engvall

Comments and views on the project will be posted on this thread.

Thank You

So why should we care about this particular community?
There are already about 50 others.

I was thinking a Social Network

To be truthfully blunt with you, I’m not sure what to make of this.
I guess it could become popular though, good luck. :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

But what is it? Sounds like a wannabe facebook for gmod players only? I dont understand why you dont just start a facebook group.

Do we really need another fanboy site?

No, its not a wanna be facebook site, its unique

There’s no point in a social network for GMod alone. That’s what Steam is for.

How is it unique if it’s one of the countless, pointless and going-nowhere fanboy websites that are made and posted here every day, maybe even hour?


You could do with making a quick WIP page if you’re taking this seriously, maybe even make the Blog the homepage.


Opps I must have deleted the under consruction page, one sec

<title>Plasma Studios</title>

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Arghhh… Its soon up, I’m uploading it from my slow computer :confused:


The underconstruction page is up and running

Are you fucking kidding me

also nice pre-built website


and none of the links do anything

and you’re missing a logo

and if you’re trying to do this seriously you’re going about it wrong

I know I’m making a logo and the links are still not functioning.

I am fixing everything

And about the prebuilt underconstruction thing, I diden’t have time to make a one coded by me

The real site is going to be coded by me

Instead of making shoddy previews, come back when you have actual content.

Well I am currently recruiting, plus I need some ideas