Plasma Weapons - what you can do with just a pair of w_models!


There isn’t much to say; remember the pack of w_models by Ilwrath?
Yeah those w_models are now there and no, this pack doesn’t contain v_models.
Then what? Well, this contains weapons using only w_models as v_models too and they are not fucked up out of the screen.
And yeah, I asked permission to use this.


-Short time weapons (aka 5 seconds weps)
-Too bad these are simple weapons without ironsight and such, they also haven’t got reloading and other stuff that normal weapons could have. This was just a simple test because I saw many people complaining about missing weapons, yet, they are fun to play.

This is just stupid

you got my download

I was hoping someone would do this.

Uploading a video now.

now, someone needs to make firing anims!!! btw that looks awesome.

When I tried it, the bullets’ origin was somewhere from the player’s left shoulder. Also, the ammo count was frozen. Looked nice though

Idk why it won’t delete the ammo counter
and the bullets are from player’s shoulder because there isn’t a fire animation to use as origin

Ugly! puke

Could you make it be a more kinda future tech gun, like the ion cannon from andrew mcwatters, rather than it just shooting bullets, make it like a strider cannon or something.

1:make the bullets come from the barrel of the gun
2: give the models hands (preferably css)
3: add a muzzle flash and some animations
4: get unique sounds

that isn’t the easiest thing to do jack, it takes time. So if he does do that, expect a time space continuum snap until he finishes, hewbert inclusive.

I don’t think you should do custom sounds for these like jack said, I mean there is more then enough laser-esc sounds in HL2 -.-


As for facepuncher1’s request I would also have to disagree -.- If you want a strider cannon with this model then just…make the strider cannon have this model

Need to get some real animations in there rather than just a model standing still, This is Not what a v_model is about…

:350: …wait…:350:…k… Your late zoey lol

:stuck_out_tongue: Im not sure if i can be bothered to animate em, I mean i was already going to but i just didnt get around to it, since i have other projects to do.

Meh your a busy person, I’m sure everyone will understand lol.

i was expecting plasma

Same, if Zoey does animations, I’m so making the sweps.

I thought about it and I think the rifle type one should be a beam weapon, even though beams are not really FO style but still :stuck_out_tongue:


And make the pistol plasma as I’m assuming you were planning to do but make it auto :smiley:


just imo

Plasma pistol is good.

Plasma Rifle should be a beam weapon or have trails or SOMETHING to be good.

And then when we have the code all nice and stuff give it a better position for the rifle, hands, and anims! :smiley: