Plastic Army men ragdolls

Well I was looking through some HL2 mods and I noticed 2 that caught my eye. They were both plastic amry men mods but they were both dead mods. I was really hoping for some army guys

So basically my request is for four plastic army guys





I was thinking if someone can do body groups like L4D with missing limbs on them on them but hey, the ragdolls are just fine

You could try reskinning the default male rebels green and the others and hex them. If those don’t work for you, you can find some army models on FPSBanana.

Also, if you give me the links to the mod, I can get the models for you. (If there was ever a release.)

I can do bodygroups (at least I got it working on the crossbow as you saw) with removed limbs but I wouldn’t be able to make the melted stumps to make it look right :slight_smile: (and I would need some models to work with…and time)

Well the I don’t know shit about hexing so that is off the list

The mods are dead WIPS, no betas or anything

Hmmm, I found some guys on FPSbanana. Thanks

But can someone hex them? I never tried a DOD hex or a vehicle hex

That would be great. By models you mean the skins or the L4D zombies with stumps?

You could just make the ragdolls and pose them on stumps in-game.

I can try hexing them, if you like.

Hexing them would be great, thanks

Posing them on stumps, you mean like using no-colide and inflator?

I could give some practice with trying that but inflator is a bugger

Sometimes crashes and how there is some weird line thing on them if you manage to deflate everything

Hexing I could do but i don’t have DoD so I can’t get at the models.

I meant i’d need some models (that i can actually get to decompile) to cut up into pieces so they can be put into bodygroups

Nice. We need small versions too.

Hmm, there was a small prop version

replaced the Hula doll

Then there was a hexed one but its gone now I think

I’m getting to work on hexing these now. (Sorry, had to take a break for lunch)

Its ok, thank you for hexing them

Also, Silver Spirit, if you want, I can upload the models go give to you to work on.

If you want (though there wont have been much point hexing them then :S)

We can have two and he can pick the one he likes. I know that you are very good at these kind of things.

Here you are.
MD5: 3A3D40BAB448EE0B91E3EB170B22EDD7

Er, any progress or reports?

Still in the process of hexing everything. Given the gap of time between me giving Spirit the models and now, I’d say he’s busy too.

Ah ok, thanks

theres these


YES! Those are the plastic toy props I was talking about

I couldn’t find them

No problem :v: