Platformer Gamemode

Garry’s Mod :: Linear Platformer Gamemode [Only Just Started Development]

I started developing a liear-platformer styled gamemode for Gmod and wanted to share it to get any feedback/input about the idea and weather I should continue developing or not.

Any potential? It could turn out to be a multiplayer 2Dish shooter with some custom built maps for it or a single-player gamemode (or both). I still haven’t decided much.

If I get good feedback, it will motivate me to keep working. I am also inviting any map makers to create this gamemode’s very first map. Your name will be added to the contribution list and it will boost my motivation for this gamemode.

I have setup a PayPal donation page for anyone willing to contribute. Your name will go into the credits of the gamemode as a contributor and it will help out a lot more than you think.

You can donate with this link to help boost my motivation: Donate Link


This is not an advertisement, I am requesting input and feedback.

Looks really cool! It is a pretty unique idea to say the least.

Are you planning to release the engine for others to use down the line? I have a few ideas and half-finished projects that would go well with this.

I haven’t got many plans for it currently and haven’t decided much. I may release it in the future but before any releases, a lot of work still needs to be done.

Okay. Anyway it looks really cool and I wish you the best of luck. I may be tempted to donate something when the project turns into something a little more concrete.

Thanks so much man, I still have been working away at it, even created a small map with slowly rising deadly water. I’ll definately keep going with this project for a while!

With the maps, any requirements with spawns, brush locations, etc?

I’m sure there will be something like that, but nothing too required yet.

I’ve made a map layout and if you are keen to start messing around with a design, I’ll send it to you so you can get an idea of how it should be.

Here is the map I starterd making and what I’m using to test on.

I’m sure there are so many better ways of designing it, but the block sizes and such I used are:

  • Block Width: 64 units
  • Block Thickness: 8 units
  • Map MUST be made facing east (camera will be facing left)

I’ve created some screenshots to help.

General Block Size (Can be changed of course to how you like)

Camera orientation and view in-game

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I have created a few screenshots to show the progress of what I’ve done. There are a few little things I didn’t put in but hopefully this gives good you a view of my progress.

This is slowly starting to look like a smash bros type gamemode.

oh nice, there was a similar gamemode like this for fretta back in 2010-2011 nice to see you develope something similar.