"Platoon of blue up to no good"


The Blue Army (often with a French influence) seem to have very fluid alliances. They are rarely seen on the front lines. The Blue Army’s real talents lie in espionage, sabotage and other kinds of covert missions. The Blue Nation is often depicted as working toward anything they see beneficial, often meaning that they offer their services for a charge. In some of the games, they have an alliance with the Green Army, but in others they are on the opposite side.

You could just say that their main ability is avoiding fighting. :v:

Like the french guys they are based off (I think).

Seriously :v:

And now they are working with Imperial Guards.

COuld you add some dim lamps…? I can see the blues but…it would be better for some light.

But its cool regardless (ha get it becasue BLue is a cool colo on the color wheel).

currently they’re independent

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I forgot :v: sorry