Play as the smoke monster from LOST?

I know it would probably be too difficult to make an npc, but would it be possible for players to become the smoke monster and fly around the map killing people while making eerie mechanical noises?

Well it would be extremely hard, because you’ve got to set the smoke effect as your player model when you become it, but also have like a 3rd person camera, so it doesnt look like you’ve just changed class.

So I’m guessing this is a no go?

Absolutely not, this is all relatively simple to do. I don’t know what the smoke monster is though. :smile:

This is the Smoke monster

It can turn into dead people as well.

And here are some sounds.

Off topic:

OP what did you think of ending?

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Overall, I liked the ending, even though it answered absolutely shit. But then again, a scientific explanation for all of the weird metaphysical shit we’ve seen would be pretty lame.

Also it can’t go over water.

Yeah nevermind this for now, it would require a new particle system because the ones available lag you way too much when you are the smoke.


I am a big fan of lost.
I really enjoyed the ending, I understood it all.
A smoke monster in GMod would be pretty cool :slight_smile:
To bad it will lag to much :confused:

Yes, too much lag. Just throwing smoke grenades in GMOD could lag it up getting in or near the fog.

Just think if you were made of it.

I loved the ending how it ended with jacks eye’s closing, and at the start they opened. Firstly i really didn’t get the ending how christian shepard was saying about everyone dies. Either before you or after you, that was what got me cause i was wondering why kate and hugo was there. I hope desmond got off the island also but i guess he was at the ending with the church also, so he must of.

Basically those who left the island lived out there lives, aswell as hugo and ben on the island.

The people from the island created this “alt reality” or “purgatory” did so, so they could find each other once they died. They all found each other in purgatory via connections (As you noticed, touching same pen etc).

Really clever show.
As you said, I loved how it ended with jacks eye closing, reverse of the starting of the series with it opening :slight_smile: