Play css map without css?

So, I have a few maps and addons that don’t have the proper textures or sounds they need from CSS.

I’m getting sick of the purple and black patches and missing sounds, but I really don’t want to spend $20 on a game I will never play.

Is there a texture pack or any possible way to play/use CSS GMOD addons correctly without actually buying or pirating it?

If not… I’d like to request this (though it’s more than likely already been addressed)

thanks for any help :smiley:

You need to buy the game to get the content.

Otherwise you’re requesting warez.

hmm, I figured there’d be an easier way, considering I’m just trying to get textures and sounds to work.

Is this the only way?


Copyrighted materials, etc.

week sawce. I’ll get it whenI get it I suppose… thanks for the help guys. lol

Ofcourse you could make your own materials and name them with the CS:S names to make Steam think they are the CS:S textures.

Steam? The engine. But that’s a stupid idea anyway, why bother going through the trouble of making your own textures to placehold hundreds?

There’s a non illegal way (I think)
Download “custom” sounds, textures and models from FPSB and put them in the Garrysmod folder, It will not be the same as the original CSS things but is the best you can have :wink:

You can do it, just go to Steam Store, click on Counter-Strike: Source, enter your billing details and BAM!- you’re playing CSS maps without CSS!

They usually don’t have the vmt files required to load the texture.

there is one way to get ALL css content but its illegal and i dont ban me for saying this.
get a cracked css and copy everything inside the cstrike folder into garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

Please dont ban me for this!!! falls on knees and begs

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There actually is a ‘legal’ way to get the content, but I won’t be describing it better here. Everybody should just pay for the games. They aren’t that expensive and most are quite epic.

You can’t beg. They once banned me for having a torrented version of GMod, even though I legally owned it.

Wow. Nobody understood at all what I meant, which is in part my fault.

I’m only referring to custom maps that use CSS textures. I wanted to know if there’s a way to simply get those textures, NOT the full CSS content, just the textures without buying CSS.

I don’t care about all the content, props or whatever, guns. I just wanted to be able to play , for example, bestbuy or xmas_apharmd (sp?).

lol, but thanks. I bought CSS anyways; i just wanted to clearify.

Actually, I do understand, I just made a un-funny joke there.
I don’t own CSS, and I downloaded it via torrent, got the materials & models folders and copied it into GMod, and deleted the CSS after that.

And I’ll probably be banned for this.

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Cigarette ads are illegal too, you know. In avatar form too, I’m sure.

I honestly don’t see the point in paying 20€ (that’s about $30!) just to have the CS:S resources. I know it’s not much money, but I’d never play the damn thing. I have CS 1.6 and if I ever feel the urge to play with a bunch of immature people who somehow managed to put their heads in their buttholes I’ll stick to that. Besides, I really have no skill :slight_smile:
If you asked me, there should be a CS:S resource pack for about half the price, but I guess Valve figures that Gmod players will eventually buy the whole thing anyway. Which is obviously one of the reasons why they love Garry’s Mod.