Play Fight - A GMod gamemode where you fling yourself at people!

This is a GMod gamemode I got in a decently finished state a while ago but never got to post it to this forum properly because it was down, so here’s the official thread for it!

Play Fight is essentially an arena shooter except you can also fling yourself at people by left clicking to hurt them with pure force alone

I worked on this off and on for about 2 years including lots of play testing, so I hope the Facepunch Forum enjoys it! Fun fact: this was also what I used to learn advanced HTML/CSS, and what I used to learn how much I hate using HTML/CSS in GMod. Unfortunately I haven’t updated it in a while because of a decline of interest on the workshop, but when S&Box comes out I do absolutely plan on remaking it.

The trailer:

If you like what you see, feel free to drop a subscribe on the workshop! Steam Workshop::Play Fight

Feels good to be back on the Facepunch Forum!


lool, gonna play this with my friends. would be cool to host on a server.

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Sorta reminds me of Amazing Frog?'s ragdoll physics lol. Or maybe more like Goat Simulator. Looks pretty fun though.

That’s source engine physics for ya lmao

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ragdoll roper flashbacks
Love chaotic stuff like this. Definitely gonna give it a try and see if I have any feedback when I get the chance. Nice work.