Play Music on Owner Join to Server

How would I even do this? I’m clueless. And also, i’m not too smart, but if I get tips on this, that would be great!

I’ve done something similar as an example.

This will output top moderator every 5 minutes:

Same with this:

Not quite what you wanted but it shows networking, grabbing groups, etc…

On Join / PlayerConnected hook you’ll simply send a net-message to the clients and have surface.PlaySound play a sound and chat.AddText to notify players.

Example using TTT End-Round to play a sound for the winning team:

– NOTE: what you’re asking for will only be a few lines of code, a net.Receive on the client and a hook.Add PlayerConnected on the server. Then send a message to the client which the client net.Receive gets; the message should simply contain the sound as a string, or if you create a shared table then you’d network the key and possibly also network the player or the welcome string.