Play on Half-Life 2

**[28/09/2016] #1 **

**[06/06/2017] #2 **

What is this? No preview? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

New account, Random file, Seems 100% safe and legit :vs:


Downloaded and decompiled it, nothing malicious. Though it is somewhat strange…

going to decompile it and post screenshots

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“i am sorry please do not leave i hope you understand that i need to get this out… i could talk only like this i feel trapped i feel alone i could blame anyone but i blame myself is this the problem? or the reason? can i ask you something? Do you Feel like This?”

theres a bunch of point messages, and a giant road, you go in a house and theres floating text everywhere
“LiVE WITH IT” is the entity name of a few of the messages
“there is nothing wrong”
“i am fine…?”
“i need to think positive”
“all i need is to believe?”
“it is not a problem”
it then disconnects the user after walking down the road

OBS sucks

Oh shit, a spooky map.

Please tell me this is an ARG.


Okay now I’m actually little worried by looking through this map.

You okay dude? Why do you have to talk through a Half-Life 2 map?


yes you should also*** believe**

y’aight buddy?

This is not the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. But looks interesting, And like little unfinished, or that it should look like. Cottage looks good, but textures are mismatched. Prefabs like stairs are also not good.

it’s most likely an arg but some of the stuff looks hastily placed and it looks like alot of stuff is off the grid



what’s going on here? john here doesn’t seem ok

You wanna talk guy?

Ok, this is all pretty strange. Am I witnessing some sort of creepypasta in the making?

does a line of coke help you when you’re mapping?

come on give us something
i want to continue this we need to dig deeper


you walk to a hole, fall through it, and a bunch of youtube links pop up
all of them contain nothing of importance, just random videos

op if you’re going to make an arg atleast give us something to work with

Youtube links in the point_message entities, in order: