Play Pong in Gmod?

Ok, so I know the title is vague, but I will do my best to describe my goal. Ok, so I am working on a prop hunt server, and I think it would be really awesome if while the hunters are blinded, a window with Pong comes up (I have found a pong written in lua) and Hunters can play Pong until they’re unblinded. I would really appreciate your help with this, and if you are interested in helping, it would be more beneficial if you would add me on Steam, because I check it more than here, but if you prefer here, I understand.

Thank you in advance, I would really appreciate if you would help bring my idea to reality

Wheres your Pong code at? Just personal curiosity

Find where, in the code, the hunters are blinded and unblinded. Have the pong run when the blinding gets called, and have it removed/stopped/whatever when unblinding gets called.

OK, I will do my best, I’m still new to lua. Thank you for your response!

The code in your link might be written in Lua, but not for Gmod, so it will require heavy modifications. In other words, it’s of no use for you and you will have to write your own.