Play Rust Legacy and Experimental

Hello guys, i am here because i want to play Rust Legacy and Experimental, but, I don’t want stay downloading rust again and again, to play Legacy, after Experimental. I already tried save the Legacy files and redeploy in Rust folder, but, it’s not work.

So each time you select legacy in the launch options you need to download it again because it is deleted? Did you look for tutorials out there? I don’t think you are the first person trying this maybe you made a mistake with your backup.

Launch options not have Legacy, only Play Rust and Run DirectX 9. To play Legacy, I need to enter the Beta options in the game, that’s automatic delete the Rust and download a “new”. I don’t found the section to tutorials and I already tried exit Steam to install the Rust in the folder.

You can’t have both branches enabled at the same time. You could download the legacy, rename the folder, download the experimental, and then rename the folders whenever you want to switch so that you don’t have to redownload it.

I do that, but, when i change the archives, the Rust still downloading.

did you try to verify integrity of game cache before downloading? Maybe you need to cancel the download and try verifying in properties.

Yes, that’s works. Thanks FowsT and elixwhitetail.

Now that’s teamwork!

its simple: make another partition on your harddrive, like C and D. D will be your second “C” and it will be bootable. install windows, steam , rust whatever on D.

Now when you turn on your PC you can chose which windows u wanna start. One windows will have Rust experimental, the other on Legacy.