Play Rust Survival Guide - Getting Started in Depth

Hey all I just started to make YouTube videos and this is my first one.

Criticize away! :slight_smile:

Thank you to anyone who takes a look at it!


You called me a nerd.

You said your real-life name, Not your youtube name?

Low quallity Rust textures FTW

Too much editing, save it for the end :smiley:

Appreciate the feedback, I’ll be sure to work on recording in better quality.
I will say I’m not sure about the last comment. I felt like I kept the editing to a minimum.

Regardless thank you for the feedback.

I feel the stone hatchet is more important then the bow and should be crafted immediatly, I did like the map with pvp ratings, that was real good. I think you should explain how shelters can be pick axed. sleeping bags are inexpensive and can be picked back up so I don’t see why you didn’t place it near your camp. You didn’t say to put the sulfur ore in with the metal ore to save wood because they take the same wood to burn if together. hugging outskirts is a good tip. ceiling is an must.
The only thing I STRONGLY disagree with is kill on sight because you’ve nothing, that is foolish. when you’re new to a server making enemies off the bat is a terrible idea and has consequences, such as pissing off a clan early on. rust is a very social game that makes you own up to your actions, be careful what you do/say. I also think you should make it a point that building a house with a metal door is the most important thing you need to do when you start fresh.

Well thank you very much Mr. Glide, I do appreciate the thorough analysis of my video. A lot of good points for me to consider and with enough feedback I may make an updated video in the near future.
Thanks again I’ll keep all of your points in consideration.