Play rust while using a proxy

I don’t know how I can play Rust while using a proxy.
When I start the Game, I see the unity applet and it is downloading the gamefiles. This works fine. Afterwards it says “Connecting to server”. A few seconds later the connection will time out. I tried this several times but nothing changes.
I am not able to deactivate the proxy in this place.

When I play from another location without proxy it works fine.

Any hints?


The serrver crashed/down

This problem was yesterday. Shortly afterwards on another location, it worked fine :confused:

Edit: wtf, disagree? what for?

There’s nothing stopping you from playing the game utilizing a proxy, it may have been server-end issues at the time.

Tried it again, no success. Maybe its the hardware-Firewall o.o

the server is down…

Did u even read my entire post?

Nevertheless, I dont play on US servers.

Still can’t connect through proxy

You can. In my school everything is blocked with proxy (expect Rust and google) like facebook, youtube.