Play Rust Wiki Teamspeak³ Server! - Free of use with long-term support!

		As the other Teamspeak³ seems to be dead now, we've brought up the one we had in the works fast.
		Enjoy 150 Slots (which should be enough for now)
		Connect to [](ts3server://
		[Add to Bookmarks](ts3server://

	**Fast facts**
	- Join one of the pre-defined channels. (Language and General channels)
	- Create your own channels. (at the bottom)
	- Feel free to idle.
	- Free to use for everyone!
	- Channels for bigger clans/communities/will be provided if used on a regular basis.
	- Long Term Support. Our Infestation Wiki Teamspeak has been up since the game was released Oct 2012.

Please contact us at

for any inquiries. We’re always trying to be helpful.

Why do you have to use the word “Official” you’re going to confuse people to think it’s an actual official teamspeak server for Rust, by Rust.

This the original rust ts3 channel?

No, he is just using it as a buzzword but its not the official Rust channel.

Perfect example right there.

…but it cleary says official PLAY RUST WIKI teamspeak server… if it was the official server it wouldnt have wiki in it…

EDIT: What im trying to say here is that nobody is going to make that mistake and people just MIGHT be trolling, not sure on that though.

EDIT2: I Take it back, nevermind that useless post I made.

I agree. A moderator should edit that out if possible.
Thanks in advance.

Lool, someone wanna talk? :smiley:

People see the word “Official” and go “OH THIS MUST BE THE OFFICIAL RUST TEAMSPEAK” Like the guy earlier just did.

With the amount of bans and threads asking for beta keys without reading the sticky, you should well understand that most of the people browsing these forums are either: young or retarded.

Ideas on how to structure the Teamspeak would be appreciated. If you have a better structure than Room 1/2/3/… let us know.

I suggested in the previous thread, Twitter/Steam being overkill, now you’re overkilling it even more. I hope you’re not going to use this for free publicity like you did on Garry’s live camera feed outside his office. Oh boy was that fun.

Please don’t mix up stuff here. There is different people working on such projects, and we’ve done exactly the same for and with Infestation/TWZ. (TWZ is dead now though)

I’m glad you liked my WarZ/DayZ wiki weapon infoboxes to copy them nearly verbatim :slight_smile:

btw, kind of ironic you added a BY NC SA license to the infoboxes themselves… when you copied them from a BY NC SA site without giving attribution :stuck_out_tongue:

[editline]8th July 2013[/editline]

Ah, just realized you guys are the same crew who pulled the same shenanigans in The War Z. I guess I’m no longer surprised.

Just for the record. Last time (TWZ forums) you edited your post afterwards. Funnily enough, we took them from a curse wiki last time (at the TWZ wiki), added the correct license to it and so on. Next day, you posted on the TWZ forums how we stole them and at the same step you removed the license from the wiki. The weapon box are tables. If you want your attorney to write us, you find our address in the imprint.

Don’t try to steal our staff. It’s not clever.

Your own words.

If I remember correctly, you added the attribution after I mentioned it. So this time around, you are copying them from your own wiki and since they are a copy of a copy it is no longer stealing nor need attribution? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not trying to “steal your staff”; was trying to see if we could work together. But by the way you are successfully alienating this community, not only with the “official” talk(false/misleading representation), but also being the 4th rust wiki, yet spamming it all over, I’m no longer sure that would be a good idea.

BTW your TS server isn’t working

We are currently configuring some necessary stuff. It will be back shortly! :slight_smile:

And we’re back! Sorry for the minor restart.

still cant get in, you need a password again -_-