Play Sound over Large Distance

How can I code it so a sound being played, such as an explosion, can be heard from a much greater distance? The default max distance is extremely short for what I want. Is there any way I could make it so a sound would be heard by everyone on the map, but have its volume reduced the farther away you were?

You can set all players positions, play the sound and move them back, hacky but that used to work.

You could do it clientside:

sound.Play( "sound", pos, 0, iPitch, flVolume )

Where flVolume is from 0 to 1.

Using 0 for the sound level makes it play everywhere and it would essentially be surface.PlaySound with volume.

Yea but afaik the sound will not be directional anymore.

Yeah and i tried that new sound.Play() thing but it didnt even seem to work.