Play the old Garry's Mod (before the 2007 engine update) easily

If your PC can’t handle the new Garry’s Mod update or you don’t like it very much. Try this workaround, it worked for me.


  • At least ONE source game.
  • The old “garrysmod_content.gcf”.
  • Fully downloaded and installed Source SDK Base (look up in your Tools tab in Steam).
  • GCFScape (Google it)

How to do it:

  • Rename the old GMod GCF to “garrysmod content classic.gcf” and then put it in your SteamApps foler.

  • Open up Steam and launch Source SDK Base test at least ONCE.

  • Open the old GMod GCF using GCFScape and then extract the “garrysmod” folder into Source SDK Base folder (do not extract reslists).
    .\Steam\SteamApps<Steam user name>\Source SDK Base\garrysmod

  • Right click “Source SDK Base” in Steam and click “Create desktop shortcut”.

  • Put “-game garrysmod” at the end of the shortcut and rename it to whatever you want (I prefer Garry’s Mod 10 Classic).

  • Launch it!

Report to me if it works or if it doesn’t

The new directories:
Addons folder: .\Source SDK Base\garrysmod\addons
Main folder: .\Source SDK Base\garrysmod
Maps folder: .\Source SDK Base\garrysmod\maps\

NOTE: Multiplayer tested. It works! But you can only join a server that has the same version of GMod that you’re running.

PS: You have two GMods at once!

That’s pretty cool, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t like the update though.

Because if you’re like me and have a bad graphics card- you deffinatly will not want the update because your computer can’t handle Half Life 2: Episode 2’s graphics engine.

Thank you so much for this information!
I will try this as soon as I can. Damn the pointless update. There’s no need for new graphics and menus! ONLY MODELS AND SCRIPTS-etc!


Where is this “garrysmod_content.gcf” ?

Would you be able to just host a copy of your Gmod folder to download so we don’t have to be put through all this crap to play the old Gmod?

Also there are mods which no longer functional that are nice (vehicles…).

I have no idea how to do this or where to get the old gfc…

Just google it you could find it (pacsteam main forums)
Or if your like me and kept a backup. :slight_smile:


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this is bs I have good vcard and stuff just will not work

ps there are no servers

i would be careful with this method. You are technically modifying the client DLL files. Watch out for VAC!

I tried running it like that, but when I double click the shortcut, it just opens up Steam and the tools menu.

Can someone perhaps give a definitive response about VAC? What if only playing single player?

I imagine VAC would be completely irrelevant for single player but I want to confirm this.

Then again, I’m considering perma-blocking steam and HL2.exe from ever connecting to the internet again via my firewall, and this update has made me consider reporting them as a form of malware to various antivirus companies.

Software that updates regardless of your chosen settings…downloading HUGE quantities of data without user permission…yeah, that is what a lot of people would consider malware. Though I no longer am, I was previously on a metred connection (maximum 1GB per month before additional fees occur)…if that were currently the case I would demand account credits in the full amount of the consequential overages.



I followed the instructions as posted, but one thing wasn’t clarified.

At the end of the shortcut, there will already be a command switch…LEAVE THIS INTACT, simply add the ‘-game garrysmod’ without quotes to the end of that.

Fired up Steam in offline mode and ran the shortcut, presto, the last good version of Gmod running in the other window right now.

If you need further information, PM me.

PS. Until it is clarified about what VAC might do about single player, if anything, I strongly recommend only playing in offline mode…I never understood the attraction to multiplayer Gmod so it doesn’t really affect me at all, but I know a lot of you out there play it almost exclusively that way so it will bother you. Take your pick, terrible engine update and multiplayer, or classic properly functioning engine and no multiplayer.

You can run the old Gmod 10 as a Source mod, just copy the “garrysmod” folder out of the old GCF and put it in the sourcemods folder. There’s no need to overwrite the SDK base or other complicated stuff like that.

Gigabite, it doesn’t overwrite anything…it uses the Source SDK base as the game engine (since Garry’s Mod does not have an actual EXE, it must be executed from within another application)…essentially the same idea as what you said but using a different launching application and different folder.

Not complicated…just extract the folder to the SDK folder and put a switch on the shortcut.

I don’t think you will be banned by VAC for using this method. When you tried to join the server it just says “Version mismatch” or something like that.

EDIT: I hate the new default avatar. I think I have to get a proper one.


I can’t post a link to the GCF or I will get banned! If you haven’t backed up your old GCF, you can’t do anything… LEGALLY!

Ask on the steam VAC forums if you’re that worried.

Wouldn’t just running an old garry’s mod server in nonsecure mode work ?

It works!

Thank you. This really should be a full-fledged option for the standard install; as it seems that many players have been unable to play for months because of this update.

That’s great! But i already got the new update and i’m addicted to it.

The old versions should always be available through steam in my opinion, and auto update should be optional(ask if you wanna update or not). I hate how steam works atm. and the fact that you can’t downgrade the games(to a more stable version).

Err, you can stop it from auto updating.

Yeah u mm i did what you said, when i load Garry’s Mod 10 it just had “New Game, Load game,options,exit.” And the “G” logo is pink and black boxes, I cant EVEN PLAY.


Hey, i don’t have the GCF file but i have the “Garry’s Mod” folder from 12/20/07, can i use that or i NEED the GCF