Play two sounds in same wav?

This is not lua but I don’t know any better place for this.

So in Half-Life 1 and 2 theres some wav files that play random sounds when i listen them. How to make similiar wav file?

a .wav that has like 3 sounds inside and everytime i open it i hear something else (or same, random).

Are you sure it’s not multiple wav files being selected at random to play?

Thats a soundscript, I think.

	"channel"		"CHAN_ITEM"
	"volume"		"1.0"
	"CompatibilityAttenuation"	"1.00"
	"pitch"			"95,105"

	"wave"			"weapons/awp/awp_deploy.wav"
	"wave"			"weapons/awp/awp_deploy2.wav"
	"wave"			"weapons/awp/awp_deploy3.wav"

I believe that’s what it is. Using the pitch line as well would give it a random pitch each time the sound is played as well