Play X causing Gmod to crash in multiplayer

I been using Play X for sometime in single player and on a multiplayer server (not hosted by me).

Around in May, I suffered my first problem. I was in Gmod Theater’s server which lets anyone upload videos. Very fun gamemode/server.

Now, my problem is sometimes after a video ends and another one loads. The next one seemingly plays fine but without any sound. As soon as I exit the server, or in the case of the new maps leave the theater itself. My Gmod game crashes.

Last night I checked I had both the newest stable PlayX and gm_chrome. A few mins ago I suffered the problem again. This isn’t a huge problem but it takes around 2-4 mins to reload the game and get back on the server.


Unfortunately I happen to be part of this group, and as stated, there is NO way around it :confused:
Find and download YouTube Player
Not as good, but it’s kind of like PlayX.

Bit of a bump, but I just changed that page the other day.

There is a solution to the crashing problem.

Try going to a youtube video, right click on it, go to settings.

Click on the first tab and uncheck that enable hardware acceleration box.

Fixed it for me at least.

I have tried the suggesting on unchecking “enable hardware acceleration” but I still have the problem. I guess I am in the group that has to wait for valve to fix a problem… which they never will I bet. <_>