Play-X Doesn't work?

So, I can’t manage to find an updated version of Play-X, But I just randomly found one and installed it. But it was about 1 Week ago that this happened.

So, I installed Play-X, Then Restarted my Server. It popped up on the Entities Tab, But in the “Other’s” Section of Entities. I tried to spawn it in, but it never actually spawned in. I spent 2 Hours trying to find it on Facepunch and Google, but sadly, no results. If anyone can find an recently updated Version that makes the Play-X Section in entities instead of putting it in others. Thanks.

If it doesn’t work even with the Updated Version, I’ll show pictures. Thanks!

humm…One of my servers have play-x and works without problems…This is the developer section, you shouldn’t ask for addons here…If you don’t provide errors, we can’t help you, even more that’s not a native gmod plugin, so this will hard to find someone to help you…

I wouldn’t think of it as asking, more of helping another coder out with a buggy addon. I just can’t seem to find a good one. Mind sending me a updated link? :slight_smile:

it’s on the workshop