Play Your Cards Right

I spent too god damn long on this thing. Also experimented with a non-standard layout, let me know how it reads. Please, only constructive criticism.

Nice comic !
Good editing, posing and the last phrase made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:
The only pose I don’t like is when he’s throwing his gun to the soldier . It’s not dynamic enough .

Very nice.

Thanks, and I completely agree with the throwing pose. I tried fiddling with it for awhile, tried different angles, but it still didn’t look too great.

You think that dude would shoot after getting a gun thrown at his partner.

That was great. Nice work.

Thank you, I am working on more. I’m trying to flesh out a story, but it’s a hell of a lot of work though.


If you know what I mean. It’s pretty good, but the layout is rather weird a maybe too distracting background too. Story is really unclear for now not sure if you were aiming for that, guess so. And well, the part with the two guards was really unrealistic, and with that I mean the reaction of those guards to the guy and what they would do. But yeah, it’s your comic.

Pretty good.

Thanks. I know the gun throwing seen is a bit comical, but that was sort of the point. I tried to break-up generic action stuff with some humor, even if it’s not entirely realistic. And yes, the story is a bit out of place at the moment, and I’m planning on doing a “6 months earlier” type deal for the next part.

The layout as a whole was just an experiment, since I got bored of doing conventional comic book layouts, or the lazy shot-after-shot thing. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions though, I’ll take everything into consideration.

“I forgot my umbrella.”