Playdome PVE Server

Moved to new host, see updated ip below:

Please come here to enjoy building, learning and playing Rust without the fear of people causing you undo grief. I will not allow Raids, stealing from other players or killing other players (PvP). There are allot of servers out there where you can enjoy PvP if that is your intention so please do not bother the ones coming to this server for a player verses environment experience.

To connect press F1 and type net.connect

Sleepers = On, PVP = Off, Airdrops are manual, at my discretion

Once connected you have two inchat commands that you can enter:
/kit list

the first command will give you a list of kits to chose from
the second command allows you to see who is online

Feel free to build, explore, learn, share and have fun.
Remember have fun does not mean raiding and killing other players, it means enjoying rust without worry that someone will do that sort of thing.

If I get in game requests for air drops I may chose to release one. Sleepers is enabled

I offer my deepest apologies for all of those who did join my server to find that their buildings have disappeared. There has been some problems with my host and I had to put them down :frowning: it was done in a very humane way though. Amungst the problems were homes disappearing and large amounts of lag.