Played for about 4 hours, this is what happened.

This was done on a populated server with about 100 users online

1st hour was me gathering some resources (cloth armor, bow, stone hatchet, revolver/ammo, food).
2nd hour was me running in and out of the radtown near my house (which i didnt build, It was abandoned and I just put up a door on it, saved me time not having to build all the shit i need to craft)

The last two hours was me running in a circle around the map (road) and killing everyone I saw. The last half hour of this was me telling people in chat that I was carrying over 150x of each ammo, 2 c4, 250 of each ore, 1000x wood, 1 handgun, 1 mp5, 1 m4, 1 shotgun and other various items. Nobody tried to kill me or even showed up during the last half hour and I ended up giving all my items away to some newbie who was very happy cuz he said it was the most he had ever had in the game.

My question is, what was everyone doing on the server? People treat this game as if it’s minecraft building huge houses that’s unraidable. This game would’ve been great, but the community ruins it with this shit.

first off…ITS ALPHA (early access)
you might missed that FACT?!

they are not even nearly done with this project.
the game is also supposed to be played as a SANDBOX game where everyone can play like he wants to.
got that?

if you are one of those only trying to run around having some pvp action then get CoD…

you probably joined a friendly community server and just killed everyone, go you

Welcome to Rust.

That fact is completely irrelevant in regards to the situation described by the OP.

Contradiction incoming! See below:

You tell the OP that the game is a sandbox where everyone can play like they want to, then you proceed to completely remove any and all credibility from yourself by making this ridiculous contradiction. He can play however he wants, and if he wants to do nothing but pvp then he has every right to do so.

So tired of hearing this absurd statement, born entirely out of ignorance, by carebear players who can’t (and never will) be able to stand the test of time in sandbox pvp titles.

Let me make something very clear to you:

RUST is a game based entirely around open world pvp with full player looting and base building. The pvp is the keystone element of the game.

If you don’t like the possibility of pvp, or someone else who does, then YOU should be the one looking for another game.

It’s a niche genre for a reason, champ.

>The last two hours was me running in a circle around the map (road) and killing everyone I saw.

>entirely around open world pvp with full player looting and base building.

Running and killing everyone you see because they have shit-tier gear != raiding actual bases.

Every other player has the same opportunity to come up on that exact same gear.

Just because you (and others like you) aren’t willing to do what needs to be done in order to excel at the game, when someone else is, doesn’t make his style of play any less valid than yours. Raiding bases is only a portion of the equation.

Maybe people were just scared of you. or they thought you were a hacker because of all the stuff you had and how you were bragging about. Wouldn’t surprise me if the latter was true (not you hacking, them thinking you did).

You seem to be conflating having a certain level of gear with excelling at the game. In a game where making your own goals (sandbox) is a crucial design element the concept of gear=success is nonsensical.

How do you think I got this gear? I killed people wearing it, I started with cloth armor and a revolver and killed my way up to 2/4 kevlar 2/4 leather + the other items.

Try a different server? I have been on some very aggresive servers where you are KOS by EVERYONE no matter if you just spawned in or are all decked out. One server I was killed within 3 seconds of spawning in… Wrong place at the wrong time i guess. Shop around for servers… I am absolutely sure you will find one that fits your style of play…

My suggestion.

its not the key element you ignorant retard but thats exactly what i expected to see from a guy like you. (skynet…wannabe)

Rust is a sandbox game, not a PvP exclusive title. Do you expect people to just not build at all and wander the land? Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being a nomad, but it’s not the only playstyle in the game.

I hate the term “carebear” as well. A competitive FPS spawns everyone with the equal equipment in a well designed arena to ensure fair competition. Rust, DayZ, etc. do not do this. Rust, DayZ, etc are won based on group size, time invested gathering items, and being in the right spot at the right time.

I guess you’ll just have to find another game. Maybe CoD? I hear you run around a map killing everything in sight. It really sounds like it would match your style of play. There’s nobody wasting their time building stuff like it’s “minecraft or something”.

Yeah, this stupid community. Playing the game how they see fit. They should play it how you see fit and run around playing a death match! Who cares about the other mechanics in this game. There are guns so the entire focus must be killing everyone!

so, all you people saying ‘go play COD’, how do you expect this game to be played?

it seems garry wants players to do whatever they want, including running around the map killing everyone.

you clearly joined a low pop friendly server… try a real server with pvp.

Well i like gathering resources instead of killing everywone and then when i have enough to build metal house i go raid bandits and such

Because OP seems to think everyone should be running around shooting each other. He seems disappointed it’s not an FPS. This isn’t a death match. Just because you want to run around killing everyone doesn’t mean that everyone else should also be doing that or else “the community ruins it”. I think OP is confused about what sort of game this is.

I dont get it? Are you saying it’s too easy? I mean it seems you’re just going after people scavaging. Go after people with bases or the guys walking in a pack with flashlights on weapons. It sounds like you pick a solo target who’s farming, then are mad because they werent a good PvP target?

I only take crappy throwaway gear when I farm. I take my fighting gear when I go to war. Go find some forts and fight those people if you want a combat challenge.

Try that on a lot of servers and you will get stomped quickly…most good pvp servers will have small gangs of guys farming people like you