Played Rust for a week now

Hey guys, just wanted to share my Rust experience thus far.

I’ve played the game for a week now, and I think i’m done until it’s in a more finished state and/or they fix the griefing in this game.

As it stands right now this is a PVP FPS game with some wooden huts. Not at all what it was originally, nor what I thought it was when I plunked down the cash. I want a survival game.

This game is full of KOS players, and people who abuse their capability to grief at the expense of other people’s fun. It’s like a form of bullying, yet it’s okay… and there are no consequences built into this game for doing so and it seems encouraged.

I have spent days building a house, securing it, only to lose it all the next day to a griefer. Every single player (save a couple) have shot me on sight, even if i’m naked holding a rock.

This playerbase is rancid, and until that changes i’m done; and I know i’m not alone.

edit: The most frustrating part is this game has SO much potential, and is far and away the best survival game out there – except when you add in all the other KOS kiddies who have every piece of equipment in the game… kinda sucks the fun out of it.

Have you tried the PVE server?

I have not, but this is a very valid option – except I don’t dislike PVP… i’m fine with the PVP, except that seems to be the only thing I’ve encountered. No interactions, just KOS and looting.

I already own Battlefield and Call of Duty … I don’t want this to be another one of those.

I agree KOS is too high right now. I took a week off from the PVP server and played on the PVE, really made sure I got the system down right and learned where to go to stay away from most players and only make runs for resources at night and I’ve been able to do very well on PVP now.

It requires a lot of caution but with some practice you learn where the griefers hang out.

I started playing Rust when the animals were turned on, the griefing was far less a problem then as there were mobs out there separating you at least from the griefers. Perhaps when they finally switch the animal AI back on things will change again.

Perhaps I just wanted to highlight the KOS problem, that it’s a real problem, game’s are meant to be fun – this is anything but right now. SO much potential here, lost to a bunch of immature ex dayz streamers.

I’m in the exact same boat as you. As a concept, this game beats Day Z hands down. As it has been implemented so far… not so much. It’ll become amazing, but it’s going to take a while. More loot zones, better resource spread, and bigger map will make for a 200% improvement on the current game.

Is it only me thinking the game server is quite big as it is? It takes me about 10 minutes on average to find my home if spawned randomly, that is, if I can ever find it!

Either you guys are extremely capable with your directional skills or I’m just clueless :slight_smile: