Player Animation/Player Movement


So, I’ll start with what I am trying to achieve.

I want to create a system where I can restrain a player and it makes them do a restraining animation. I can’t really find anything from the default animations or any animation uploads (so to speak) that will fit what I want.
How can I create my own? Not sure if it is just called rigging? I just want the player to change position (the person will be frozen so moving around won’t really be an option for them or a problem for me) of their arms behind their back. It doesn’t have to be animated. Just a quick snap from normal stance to my new restrained stance.

So are there any guides on something like that?

My second thing will be escorting people around. Normally most people do some sort of cuffs where it moves the player with them (who can be interacted with (the person restrained)). If you have ever seen advanced duplicator it actually shows a ghost type of thing where you move your tool gun direction. I want to achive the same effect in a way that if a person starts escorting someone, it just shows a ghost (not transparent but is no collided and can’t be interacted with (besides the one guy to stop escorting him)) in front of them and when they stop escorting them it gives the player being escorted a physical form.

Basically, the player escorting will have a ghost outline in front of them of the person being escorted and the restrained will be teleported when the person is finished escorting.

So the question to that, how can I make a shadow version of the player to show up in front of people like it does in advance duplicator. Any guides on it? I don’t really just want to copy and pasta.

If this really confuses you, I am re-making the Arma 3 Altis Life restraining and escorting system.

Still looking for help.

for the first problem the only way I can think of is this.

you are most likely going to want to create a restrained SWEP that is given to player when restrained
and strip all other weapons from the player.

Then you can set the players bone positions with

also make sure the restrained SWEP has the holdtype to “passive” instead of normal so that the arm movement isn’t all funky

also when doing ManipulateBoneAngles instead of finding the bone number you can use this in order to find the exact number for each bone

so something like this

function changerupperarm()
rupperarm = ply:LookupBone(“ValveBiped.Bip01_R_UpperArm”)
ply:ManipulateBoneAngles(rupperarm, Angle(90,0,0))

sorry if it’s a little confusing I don’t really feel like writing out an entire swep.

the other problem I don’t know I’ll probably look around for something in a little bit.

No this is completly fine. Thanks. I think I might have to get creative to get the escort system working.