Player animations not working in my server

I have been working on an rp server for a few days and it seems when people are in the server their players animations are missing. They stand in the weird no animation position and just levitate around instead of moving their legs to walk or moving their arms with weapons. Its basically like how alyx is standing in this pic:

im not sure if there is a code to fix this or something but its preventing me from working on my server anymore so i want to try to get it resolved asap. If you know how please tell me D:

Have you even tried reinstalling ALL your server?

Hey, didn’t you go to my server asking the scripters how to fix this? You couldn’t even use OOC, so why are you making a RP server?

Uh it couldent have been me, i never went into a server and asked people how to fix and i do know rp chat commands…