Player Animations

Got this anim problem;
Idle/Running/Crouching etc is OK. However, when i start shooting, it goes in a jesus pose.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Stage 1-3 resets everytime it shot a bullet.
I just had a anim problem, but i managed to fix that.
I however have no idea what animation i’d have to use for the shooting.


You’re going to probably use **[Gamemode.SetPlayerAnimation](** in order to correctly set the player’s animation for shooting, etc.

'Aight looks good!
In what file do i put it? Lua/Autorun or in one of the gamemode files?

Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s named init.lua or sv_ in your gamemode files, or you place it in lua/autorun/server.

I tried it all, and in some cases i get it that the player is in ‘‘jesus pose’’ by default like it doesn’t has any animations selected at all.

Any ideas?

“Jesus pose,” or the reference sequence as defined on the model, is when you are trying to set their animation to one not supported by the model. You can see this when you give metrocops shotguns or soldiers pistols, for example, since their model doesn’t support the animations the hold types require.

What models are you using, what hold type, and what firing animations? That will help us get to the root of the problem rather than sitting here guessing. It would also help a lot if you post relevant code.


Just default citizens models.
Code i’m using:

I hope this is enough :slight_smile:

It’s a bug in garrysmod(or hl2 w/e). It only happens to your LocalPlayer when you fire a weapon. It also happens to default player models if you’re in thirdperson while seeing yourself.

Oh sweet, you’re right! Thanks!

Another thing: Characters won’t jump on a dedi box, but they DO in singleplayer… Jumping does drain mana, but ain’t getting in the air.

Know anything about that? I heard more servers have it too :slight_smile:

Bout time someone told him the REAL reason XD

Solved the ‘‘jump bug’’ by changing tickrate from 100 to 75.
Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile: