player animations.

I was wondering if it was possible or not?
if its possible than can someone make a menu like in tf2 or l4d2 that when you press a number it will make the player model play an animation. sort of like this

You see animation in gmod , and ask if it is possible?
But I think , after what happened Zoey wont upload her addons anymore

What happened to Zoey, superstepa?

And it would be really nice if this could be possible.

Maybe this can be used as a console command to issue when a menu button gets pressed:


what i want is a way to use a menu that makes your player model use animations and be in third person while using it.

It might be possible to do so, though they would probably only be able to use the ones they have built into them, and since the default player models are directly from hl2dm they most likely don’t have anything special other then animation’s you’d see from it.

From the looks of it most of them also have the Rebel animations as well for some reason so it would work

I have no idea how to use lua so can someone else make it or explain it?