Player Appearance Customiser 3 V2: Make your own "player models"

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Please try the git version before reporting an issue. (it’s easier to just use the git version really)

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PAC3 gives you the ability to personalize your player model’s look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.

You can wear your outfit on any server with PAC3 and everyone should be able to see it on you as long as they have the content you used. If you’re using content from Episode 2 (which very few people have mounted) You can also load custom models (.obj) and textures (jpg and png) from URL.

By default, PAC3 is in basic mode. You can change this by going to options > enable advanced mode.

Previous thread:

Considering uploading screenshots of all of my (notable) PAC3 outfits to date.


Upload them there too. It says “downloadable outfit” but the plan was to have a gallery where the download would be optional.

set the alpha of the model part to 0.999

Here’s most of them. Not all of the ones I’ve ever made are here, just the ones I put much effort into and wore for a while.
Thumbed for your pleasure.

In (attempted) chronological order:

Anthromorphic ZOIDS RZ-009 Command Wolf[/t]
2.5 uses custom models on the head and tail for more accuracy.

Nananananananana BUG MAN!
Mostly EP2 props and textures. Had wings at one point, but they broke but I cba to fix them.

Some robot
No customs here. Nothing else much to say.

Sci-fi version was made recently. Staff & boots on MMO are custom models, eyes and mouth are custom textures. Sci-fi version is 90% custom models from sketchup warehouse.

Little Robot
Also mostly custom models, mostly from games. Legs are original Gundam. Arms & shoulders are Zero’s from Megaman X8 recolored. Head is from a robot from Medabots Infinity, I think it was Roks with the horns removed… Wings are Freedom Gundam’s.

Little Girl Robot
Because everything needs a female counterpart. Head, torso, and legs are from Medabots Infinity from various robots. Arms are Megaman X’s arms from Megaman X8. Ribbons on the back of the head and skirt are custom models I found somewhere.

Little Evil Robot
…And an evil counterpart, too! Head is yet another Medabots Infinity thing. Black Stag, to be exact. Arms are yet again Zero’s from MMX8. Legs are Megaman X’s from MMX8. Back and side boosters are the white bits on Freedom Gundam’s wings on the black/yellow robot. Recycling parts ftw.

Probably the one I’m the most proud of. Legs are a custom Gundam’s named “Auberon” on Sketchup warehouse. Feet are some Halo guy’s feet. Arm on the left of the image are Gundam Deathscythe’s arm. Other arm is Tallgeese from Gundam Wing. (Or Tallgeese III, I forgot) Helmet (minus horn and black spikes) is a base Gundam head model I found somewhere. Hair is SSJ2 Goku’s hair ripped from one of the Bodukai Tenkaichi games. Wings found on Sketchup warehouse. The rest is TF2/HL2 models.

Evil counterpart from Cichol. Entirely custom models. I’m not even going to go through the list of all of them I used, I can’t even remember anymore. A bit bulky…

Rahkshi of Cyclone, Aeorahk
Rahkshi, of LEGO Bionicle fame. Felt like making one after seeing my friends Dizrahk and Kerahk with theirs. This one is of Cyclone. Wind. Woosh. Only one custom model, the hands. They are hands taken off of an Armored Core Nexus model on Sketchup Warehouse.

Lil Bat
Just a cute little bat. The wings are actually jointed and flap accordingly, but I captured them straight just for this screenshot. Only customs are the head, which is an Umbreon (of Pokemon Gen 2 fame) model with the ears clipped off. Eyes are custom textures. Ain’t he a cutie?

Some robot. I couldn’t decide a color scheme for it, left it white. Turned out to look like an Apple product. I think the wings were from a Digimon model, don’t remember the head. The arms and hands are recycled.


Don’t worry, he’s a cool guy. Bit of an arse though. But he’s Death. What do you expect? No custom models here. Mostly TF2 props. Most recent that wasn’t an addition to and older one.

There’s a lot more features and details on many of these, but I didn’t want to clog up the thread with too many.
Heck, I almost think this is too much.

You could add them to the wiki.

I’m going to, later on.

I took a quick look at editing it, and jeez, wiki formattings always boggle me.
I’ll get around to it however. Just not now, need something to eat…

Thanks, it worked perfectly! I added that to the wiki if that’s okay with you. :smiley:

Im trying to make a model appear when a certain gun is drawn.

When i do event, model, find_simple, weapon_ar2, the model still appears even with other guns.

Could someone help?

Did you check off invert?

Yep, still the same thing.

Also, when i try to attach a effect to an model thats in a weapon, it says that i can only select a bone named ‘Invalid bone’

Wait you’re using find simple as an event? you need to use weapon_class

I did weapon_class, find_simple, weapon_ar2@@1

Thats the exact event hierarchy i have done

Remove your event, select your weapon, go to tools in the pac editor and select this

Can I make specific bones invisible?

If I resize them, the props attached to them get messed up.

Set the bone’s scale to 0.01
If they still mess up, change the 1 up incrementally until it works.

So how do you put outfits on npcs?
I cant find anything about it on

click on “…” on the owner name of a group, then select an npc.

I love you Caps.

Tried it.

But the model doesnt show when i place it (it doesnt show anywhere).

nvm, forgot to untick invert

are you using the svn version? is pac off?