player.Ban function


I have an new problem. It is the command player.Ban().
She doesn’t work for me but player.Kick work !

I use it in datastream.Hook().

Do you help me, please ?

That makes almost no sense, can you clear it up a bit please?

Use player:Ban() not player.Ban()

After a player is banned he needs to be kicked with ply:Kick because the ban function will only stop him rejoining the server it wont kick him

People always talk about how you need to kick the player after you ban them, but I’ve never had a problem with it in my experience. Banning a player always booted them from the server. Is the interaction different in dedicated servers or something?

It seems to be yes


But I dont really see it as a problem

Hey thanks for the heads up, important info to know.

I believe that Source loops through it’s checks for bans every X seconds or so, meaning he will eventually be kicked after ban, but for security, kicking bypasses this.

Neat. I wasn’t aware of this at all. I figured Source just acted like it was a kick, with a ban on top.

It has nothing to do with source…