Player Bones

Is it possible to scale the bones of a player? If so how would you do this. I tried the normal methods, and it didn’t seem to work.

Do it in BuildBonePositions
local ply = player.GetByID(1)

function ply:BuildBonePositions()
–scaling shit

I can’t seem to get it to scale down everything but the head.

Player bone matrices are different that normal bone matrices in that they’re relative to their parent bone.
Normally if you’d scale the upper arm by 0.5 and the forearm by 0.5 you’d get what you expect, a half size upperarm, a half sized forearm and a full size hand.
With players, however you’d get a half size upperarm, a quarter sized forearm and a quarter sized hand, because the scale is inherited from the parent (0.5*0.5=0.25)

So for what you want it’s easier to just make the player invisible and draw a bonemerged ClientsideModel instead.

my goal is to avoid that, so how would I do it?

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Actually, all I need to do is shrink the other bones by some amount. Basically what I am trying to do is use only one entity to make a suit for the player rather than one for the suit and the other for the helmet/head.

Ok, how would I get the head to stay in the same position if I scaled everything down?

could you scale the upper arm by 0.5 and the forearm by 1.5 to get a scaled down upper arm but a normal sized forearm?

You’d have to scale the forearm by 2