Player built roads

Idk how possible this is in Unity but I think it would be cool if we could build gravel roads so that we could create communities and make designated paths for cars through compounds, and possibly also make a gateway so that the road could be passed through the exterior walls (Which should probably be higher BTW). Also I think it would be cool to make the map generated roads look like old damaged tar roads so you can tell the difference between them and player placed gravel roads.

I seem to recall an old plan yonks back for roads to appear depending on player traffic. Beaten down paths kinda thing. Haven’t heard anything about it for a while though.

Since they generate the whole map procedurally, it might be a bit tricky to alter the terrain.

But should be possible, they just have to track wherever roads are built and shape the terrain around the coords.

They need to have a high cost though, so the entire damn map won’t be paved over.

Not at all, in fact it will be easier because of it being procedurally generated.

Iirc they will be using heat maps to produce roads.

Maps will generate dynamic roads the way desire paths work in real life. Lots of players travelling through a particular route will cause a path to form, and become more defined as it’s more travelled.

Skips any contruction demands whatsoever.

I was think more along the lines of something that could even have cars going 2 way like so:

I don’t see why the path generation couldn’t also work for cars?

The devs haven’t revealed anything either way yet, that I know of.

I would definitely like to see this someday, but I think it’s fair to say that there are bigger fish to fry currently.

One thing that bugs me is I’ve seen on the current roads people placing giant stone walls across the whole thing.

I’d hate to see that with player built roads that are actively used once cars are introduced

So, get 7 torches and tear down the wall?

I fail to see how 7 torches are = 6 C4…

It’s going to happen when vehicles are added. There will be walls, barricades, land mines, and anything else that will hinder the vehicle (or even horses) so someone can destroy, steal, or loot it.

To the average moron, 7 torches seems like a lot.

I like how iScripters marks you post as dumb when it was him that though you could knock down a wall with only 7 torches lol

It was sarcasm really… there were a few threads recently complaining about how over-powered the torch is when raiding.

About the dumb’ing; I Disagree’d with a post he made about a week ago and he keeps dumb’ing my posts since, on topics where he doesn’t even reply… so I’m returning the favor.

Btw; I like the idea of man-made paths and/or roads

Lol nice conspiracy theory. I mark idiotic posts as dumb, because that’s what it’s there for. Seeing as close to all of your posts are idiotic (see posts above), they get a quick little mark.