Player-caused client crash... By ANOTHER PLAYER?!

Yes, gentlemen. Just happened to me on a DarkRP server like 5 minutes ago. He started trying to mug me, saying “Give me $1000 or crash”. I didn’t understand what he meant, cause i refused to believe that you could crash another ones client that easily. Sure enough, when i was about to pull my gun and shoot him he crashed my client. No visible error messages. Last thing i saw was that it looked like he spawned something.

My question is, how the f- did he do that? That must be a serious bug, if he can crash my client THAT easy!

…and no, my pc isn’t crap. quad core 2.33 GHz, 4gb RAM etc etc.

That’s DarkRP for ya.

Impulse 203 :v:

need sv_cheats. But yes thats one way to crash a player but last time i checked it crashed everybody in the server

So, sv_cheats were enabled, and he then did something? D:

probably energyball texture exploit

I think I’ve met you before on some server, I dunno you seem awfully familiar…

He could have use a corrupt spray. Plenty of things he could have done.

My money’s on energyball material exploit, because you can (sorta) control who gets crashed.

Well, as said in the first post; last thing i saw was that he spawned something. Looked kinda like a flat plate from my point of view. It was smaller than his model.

its gonna be the material exploit for sure.

How does that work? How can i prevent it from happening again?

Its a material,i wil’ll not explain how to do it beceause minges would love that to much.
I don’t really have an idea for a fix yet i guess what a serer can do is this:
-block material and E2 tool
-creata a lua script wich removes the object and bans + kicks the player who tried to use the material.

I don’t think he was the server admin, Len.