Player Character options

A suggestion for player character options

Skin (A choice of Black or White) Apparently this is tied to your steam account, BUT what happens when women PCs are introduced? Will we have to play as women?)
Hair (Shaved, Short, Long)
Facial Hair (shaved, Goatee, Beard, Long Beard)
Frame (Large, Medium or Small)

I think that covers most of it… Any other suggestions?

we have already been told that colour and gender are not going to be something we can choose; odds are none of these will be chosen by the player.

So… There is a high chance of a hacker being a female lol

I love the fact that you don’t get to pick anything about your character. However, with that being said, it’s going to be odd seeing female characters running around and hearing a deep mans voice when they speak lol

Seeing as plenty of male players pick a female character in various MMORPGs, either due to aesthetics or a particular class being gender-locked, it won’t be THAT odd.

The only thing im worried is that i turn woman, Penis>Boobs

But what if you have BIG boobs?

how about both

at the very least you should be able to choose gender or its just going get daft

Nothing odd with the voice of a twelve years old coming from a grown up man?

Why don’t you ask Mike Tyson that?

I like my ears.