Player Collision

Pretty straight forward, any chance we will see players colliding with one another? This would solve a collection of issues. Player melee combat would become less awkward, and would enable you to block a doorway. This way someone can’t open a door and bolt through you, instead they would have to actually combat you before getting into a structure. For those of you worried about players stacking to get over walls (which seems legit to me) but you can make it so players slide off each others head to prevent this. Thoughts?

It could be good, but i think it is impossible to implement in 100+ people online game.

I wouldn’t mind having this.

i have no issue with people ladders;) this makes sense to me, would love to see collision.

the new way to get into walled off rad sites;)

Or to get to the “unraidable” rock bases that unimaginative whiners complain about.

Given that the new unity engine eliminated the old collision mesh limit, and being a game developer myself. I know for a fact it is not far fetched, but is instead a design decision.

Adding collision to player pretty much opens a new raiding technique that neil.hillman shown.

But, if the developer were to make it so that player can’t go on top of player as a human ladder than this would be beneficial and make Rust combating more realistic.