Player Controlled SENT Characters?

What I want to know is, could it be possible? Could you spawn an entity of a character from a game and have the control scheme and play style change when you activate it? Say you spawn Snake from Metal Gear Solid and hit action on it. You become that character and their controls and HUD change to be like those games.

Maybe it would require too much coding and custom animation to be worthwhile, but I thought I should share the idea anyways.

Ocarina of Time controls while fighting zombies would be awesome.

The game mode Aftermath is along the lines of what I’m envisioning, but for other game’s characters.

It is possible but would need lots of content, you’d have to make a HUD for each different type of character, make it weapons and all other features that are unique to them.
Basicly you’d have a entity that on use would run other functions, taking MSG as a example:
You’d press E and your model would change, you would go to third person.
or Zelda: You’d get a ocarina weapon…
But everything would need to be coded or if lucky enough, found at

The HUD I’m sure would be the easy part. As I stated earlier, there may just be too much coding to do to make it work. Then animations would be a completely different deal. It’d take a team of dedicated people.

Depending on the HUDs, it can be really complex

you two are overthinking it.

On use on NPC:
store npc class, location, angles, weapon in a table.
Delete NPC.
create a ragdoll / npc with model of player at players current position (and rig it to skeleton.)
Set Players location to NPC.
Change players playermodel to NPC’s model.

To Exit:
recall the npc info in table:
Create NPC of class, set its position and angles, and give it the weapon it had
set the players playermodel back to original and set position/angles of players ragdoll
Remove the ragdoll of the player

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And remove the NPC from the table, of course…

I could only see it as a mod really. The only things garry could possibly legally implement would be characters from valve games and mods.

Umm. What? The words Hexing, Model ports, and Importing ring any bells?