Player coordinates

I’m bouncing an idea around inside my head and need advice on one thing: Is it possible, from the client side (eg: from a program running on the user’s computer), to fetch the player’s map coordinates without triggering VAC?

Why would you want this, other than to use for a cheat?

lol. You go ahead and try that.

Maybe he wants to make a legitimate radar/GPS mod. Don’t have to jump to hacker before you know the facts, that’s called assuming.

so an unfair advantage in the form of knowing everyones position…

sounds like a hack

Didn’t you just quote me where I said a legitimate mod? As in something to be used legitimately by admins on their servers, akin to door sharing? You just love to jump the gun, friend.

1: I’m not friends with rust kiddies

2: If its a mod for use by admins, then that already exists. He specified client side on a USERS computer, not admins. Heck, even your suggestion of a mod would be hacking. Read and comprehend basic sentences before accusing people of jumping the gun.

If he wanted to make a mod he wouldn’t be trying to do it from external software.

Actually he didn’t specify but offered that up as an example. Never did I say he was not trying to create a hack, I simply offered another perspective that you immediately excluded with your assumption.

Edit: Sorry, forgot to add friend, friend.

It would stand to reason that he also would not be asking here, but on a cheat/hack/programming site, if he were really trying to create something malicious.

Back peddling.

You seriously overestimate the intelligence of this forum. Half of you twats think spamming garry/postals inbox will get them unbanned from VAC

Back pedaling? Oh dear… And btw peddling would be if I were selling trinkets.

Before this gets too heated, I’ll once again implore you to read the OP and remember that the idea he’s bouncing around in his head could be anything from a hack to a legitimate mod.

I do not see how you can say there is anything legit about this, he says client side. Server admins already have this capability.

So I think the answer is no… Sorry.

Come on, go easy on the kid, pretty sure he just wants to have a better way to find his buddies on the island.