Player count fix

I just pushed an update out that should fix the player counts on the server list.

Servers will need to be restarted and updated before they will appear.

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Thx for the quick fix! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope u will do somthing about naked guys in game! :confused:

All bar like 3 servers have dissapeared for me since an update after a restart 5 mins ago.

Why do you want us to remove naked men?

If is because you’re a child? You can see people being shot, beaten to death, stabbed, but you can’t see a dick? Maybe you’re not old enough to be playing.

Is it because you’re streaming and you want it to be worksafe? Press F1 and type “censor.nudity true”

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I’m not a child or any above you mention it i just dont see what is fun about naked guys runing with d*cks i realy dont get it!

It’s your game do what you want im not gonna buy it anyway i got it free long time ago!

Nice patch, thanks you Garry.

Cheers Garry. This fix is greatly appriecated!

With all due repect, that’s not very professional, he just made a simple comment that had no aggression whatsoever. I get you’re very passionate about it, but come on garry. Saying “because I want it in there” doesn’t solve anything. Explain what it adds to the game and if it doesn’t add anything and it bothers people then maybe it isn’t as valuable as you make it out to be. But hey, who am I to tell you how to act, just a friendly suggestion from a fan who doesn’t want this community to head in the right direction .

“OveR” made a already a thread on that topic and we explained him how to censor the nudity in the game. Then he posts here and keeps whining about nudity… sorry, but that is trolling. I can understand what Garry has written.

Naked man running with d*cks?? im more worried when they running like a barbie doll

Cheers Garry! Thanks for the the upgrade. Btw, cause people dislike dicks so much would you care to make people have an ass hole covered with some mud (lol) would really be amusing.

Yea Thanks for Update. But why i cant Login as Admin on my Server?? The Server.cfg doesnt work anymore…

Yea, I was kinda pissed that he was bitching about this in another thread, then he goes off and spams it about.

Anyways, thanks Garry for fixing this! You’re making a great game, so don’t stop with what you’re doing! :smiley:

What provider do you use?

Gary this is absolute shit! Where is the VA j j’s at? I’m all for some dick but this is so imbalanced. This dick to pussy ratio is too high!

And now can we maybe fix the fps issue on mac ?

I cant fav servers for some reason, is that a bug?

Unless there is some kind of story then the nudity is completely justified. This game shouldn’t be for fucking twelve year old’s and anyone young/immature enough to care when a few offensive and funny pixels are shoved in their face need to get off this game as no one wants to be playing with kids.

The faux indignation has a bit less bite now that you’ve added a way to turn off the unnecessary nudity.