Player count on Legacy question!! please answer!!!

Is there any particular reason why the legacy servers player count has dropped dramatically over the last 2 weeks other than experimental rust? Mainly I have noticed it on the Australian servers but not too sure about the rest.

Basically playing different games or playing Rust 2.0, but yes the player count for legacy has dropped quite a bit. Only a few server’s with actual player base.

It is just s weird because within a week or 2 a server that had always had 80-90 pop almost every day has dropped to 10-20 people a day

Its too bad legacy dying cuz experimentals not going to be as complete as legacy for another few months, if ever.

Because Rust 2.0 is better than Legacy.

I noticed that too. I am in SF area, and every community server with low ping (near me) had died now. The most you can find is 2-3 players on them, when it used to be 20-40 on a few servers. So Official servers are the only option now.

This is too bad. IMO Rust 2.0 in it’s current state is nowhere near as fun as Legacy. So Rust players just lost the ability to play on a modded server with a decent population. So no Oxide, no mods, no teleport, etc. :frowning:

The release of the legacy server for anyone to run their own private server how they see fit likely has a large part of it, as well.

I’d argue it’s three things:

  1. Experimental is more playable than it was a month ago
  2. The dedicated server is now out there for anyone
  3. fucked up the list enough that people don’t trust it anymore

This was inevitable, however; legacy is in a ditch by the road 20 miles back and it’s only getting further and further left behind as experimental keeps moving forward.

The problem is, Experimental is ahead of legacy only for some people. For many of us, legacy is a better game at this point, and runs much better than Experimental also.

Maybe it’s OK for people have different opinions on what they like. You don’t have to post an argument to anyone who says they like legacy, or that Experimental is not good enough yet. Why tell people their opinion or preference is wrong?

…who’s doing that in this thread?

Maybe you are right Elix. You weren’t doing that.

Its all going down hill over the past few weeks, Not sure where the community has gone but I’m sitting with 4 dead servers in the new rust. This was doing really well and after the ddos attacks the server have slowly got worse.

I know Garry is doing a fine job but the locking system started off a total nightmare for people and bang now your scared to restart the server and praying the network doesn’t go down because you’ve got to explain to every person how they are locked in or out their houses. Most people I know have already lost interest which is a shame because I think the end product will be a winner. Oh well pray for an update to deal with foundation glitches and broken locks ^^

I’m Australian and have no issue in finding a populated server and in saying that, every wipe I’ve been on a new one, too.

As for those locks not working after a restart… All you have to do is press ‘e’ to “unlock” then hit it with a melee weapon. Same deal to lock it. Sure it’s an annoying bug, but they still work.

Like I said m8 having to explain this to every person that comes back in the server isn’t great for server owners/admins… I’ve even went to the trouble of going to houses removing doors and replacing them for people. As a person that had five or six doors I could see how this can be very annoying if you have level 6 doors which also glitch open so you cant close them to lock them. If someone is also attcking you it’s a mission to open a door run out and start smashing your locks to fix them lol! Guess who is getting shot in the back. My point is its frustrating for users! I’m sure this has already been added to the new update so hopefully this will fix the issues and bring people back. As for being plenty of servers this is true but 80% of them are empty, last month they were mobbed. Most people have probably left until these issues have been resolved so I’m sure most people will come back after the next update.

Legacy’s time is ticking. We all had a lot of fun playing this game from trying to survive vs legit players to hackers raiding us every single night with 500 explosive charges, but sooner or later you guys need to realize that this game will die. Rust Experimental is taking more and more space, and it is much more playable than it was. The only issue I see is that even if there are more anti-cheats now for Rust Experimental, there will be plenty of hackers still. Perhaps, something to deal with, and not make another Legacy Experience out of it.

no game, is ever safe from hackers

The Rust player count has been steadily declining since about the time that content development for what is now legacy stopped:

I know nearly the entire group I used to play with has stopped playing and isn’t impressed enough with ‘2.0’ gameplay to come back yet. I have been playing legacy on a modded PvP server, but I’ve noticed it’s population has dropped off as well.