Player Count

I was just wondering what some ideas were to increase player count on my server? Open to all suggestions. Thanks!

if you’re going to advertise your server do it in the subforum

  1. Put your server on reddit sub forum for servers

  2. Post your Server here

  3. Post your server here and get people to vote for it

  4. Make sure you post what your server is about and have a place where people can give feedback / suggestions to your server.

  5. Post your server settings (sleepers / craft time, server location etc.)

  6. Have a public voice server (I suggest TeamSpeak 3 instead of mumble or vent)

  7. Create custom graphics, such as banners, logos or a website (people can see your hard work and know you take the time to care for your server / community then they will stick around.

  8. Buy a .com and get a dedicated IP for rust if possible. It looks far more professional than a random string of numbers. Players would connect to instead a jumble of numbers and a port.

  9. Have something unique about your server, what makes it special?

  10. If you really want to go above and beyond, hire someone to code a private plugin for your server that no one else will have (I may cost you on the low end of $50 - $100 depending on the complexity of the plugin.

I think your question has been answered.
All I can add is tell friends to play, if there is a bit of a player base then more people will join. Also, advertise the hell out of it but sensibly. Don’t do it in the wrong places.

thank you guys for the advice, I really appreciate it.